Adventure Awaits : WIP MAY : Naomi Van Doren in 3D

General / 26 May 2022

This is where we are at TODAY. More blog posts and explaining to come.

Next on the list to tackel is the river/land and land/negative space connection, more story props, and probably some root fixing and color fixing. 

Adventure Awaits : Blockout 2 : Naomi Vandoren in 3D

General / 26 May 2022

Hello There!

Its time to tree it up. There are allllways options for making tree's bark. Just ask Cooper, my dog. He will say you can use ZBrush ZSpheres, Blenders awesome splines workflow, or the ever so old fashion'd extrede a cylindar in maya method. (Or maya's splines but its not as good at the other two tools) Anyhoo, barks aside, I went with the maya method and the ol' fashion'd add an image plane beacuse I was already in here. This was also before maya's awesome new 'sweep' functionality.

I then made some SUPER BASIC block out plants. They were not pretty, but that wasn't the point ;)

At this point I also quesitoned and explored how I would make the canopy. There are TONS of options here too:

  • Use a 'Blob' mesh and procedueally place planes using Maya MASH or ZB Nanomesh and create a tile texture for the blob. Then average the normals with a sphere. 
  • Use a 'Blob' method and make the material procedually place the planes everywhere (This makes for SUPER FLUFFY trees and is fun to play with)
  • Use the 'make tree cards' but dont make so many that your mind goes nuts. The idea is to make 'tree card modular sets' that you can re-use and change as needed. Then average the normals with a sphere.

I played with all of these and ended at the tree cards. I still dont know if this was 'the best choice' but in a later post it has gotten me a look I want for now. At this point it was time for some basic engine lighting to see how the cards were looking. Here are some of those first passes (yikes!):

It was here ^ that I did not yet realize the better method of 'sphere stacking' and 'flowering out' cards instead of making icky X cards. Here I did a lot of intersecting planes which is what made the cards much less fluffy than I wanted. In a later post you'll see what I mean. (That means you have to keep reading this blog!). I trashed these methods for my later method.

When making these, it is best to avoid intersecting planes so that your normals on the texture do not fight your eyeballs. Another great idea I discovered was 'flaring out' and making orbs out of flowering cards that sit adjecent to each other instead of intersecting. Here's a quick video of my more fluffy modular card sets: 

More Plants!

Needed more plant blockouts! I wonder now if I should have just downloaded some as placeholder. Oh well! from scratch it was! I also toyed with the idea BREIFLY on making full ploygon leaves because unreal engine 5 uses tesselation... but ended up tossing those too because I just didn't want to do the rest that way.

Time to Rock on! ... er..sculpt rocks!