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LUX: An Interactive Play

Assets were used in an interactive film/immersive theater attraction in NYC. Audience members determined the theatrical performance's ending by using their phones to vote. I created a glowing Tron-esque world and gave life to LUXOS for the performance.

LUXOS is 'a computer generated character/program'. I used blendshapes in Maya to sync his lips and emotions to the audio. I imported LUXOS into Unreal Engine to finish animating and to use visual effects to make him look more errory and choppy.

The tron-esque glowing hackerspace world was created in Maya, imported into Unreal Engine, and recorded using OBS.

LUXOS Demo - Unreal Engine

LUX Studios Hackerspace Demo

Elise ejtheartist motzny lux mywork

Photo captured by my producer in NYC. The play is on the left, and my work is displayed on the wall on the right. Apologies for the fuzzy photo, Its the only one I have.